It's R.E.D. Friday - Support the Troops

For those that are not aware, today is R.E.D. Friday.  Really, any Friday we like to call Remember Everyone Deployed (R.E.D.) Friday.  The basis of this day is to support our troops that are deployed as well as all our friends and allies across the world.  To do this, you get up in the morning and put a nice R.E.D. shirt on and go on with your normal business day whatever that may be. 

Over the next few months, we will have R.E.D. Friday events.  When you purchase a R.E.D. Friday shirt we will give a percentage of the proceeds of that shirt to Operation Supply Drop to support Wounded Warriors or those that are deployed.  They are a great bunch guys with veterans in their ranks focused on support troops one care package at a time.  The best way for us to get involved is providing some kick-back on the shirts you so generously purchase.

This week, Operation Supply Drop will receive 20% of profit we would normally get for any of the T-Shirts you purchase.  The best part, you are not only donating but you get a shirt out of the deal as well. 

Get involved and support the troops, no matter what country you are from. The motto is really "Remember Everyone Deployed" and purchasing a shirt surely shows you do!


Want to get involved, go purchase our first of many R.E.D. shirt at THIS LINK


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