Changes to Subscriptions and Partner Program Incoming

Over the past couple of months the support from the various communities has been overwhelming to my family as it pertains to Battle Buddy Apparel.  We opened this place up to give back and we have successfully done that multiple times now over the past three months.  There is truly no better feeling than continuing this in the future and we know we can't do this without the support of all of you reading this. 

With growth comes some changes that we knew where going to come at some point, but we just did not expect them as quickly as today.  We do our best to support every community by getting them a store up when they have a community that is willing to support them.  As part of getting your store up, we spend hours fixing images, designing the shirts and ensuring the community/organization heads are happy with the final design.  Our hope is that the community supports us in return with a purchase for the work we have put in and that the community has a location for their members/fans to purchase quality apparel.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Starting today, we are splitting up the partnership and sponsorship programs.  Below are some quick notes on each of these.  We will be sending emails out today explaining the change with this going live later this afternoon.


Sponsorships will remain the same with no option to open a store on Battle Buddy Apparel.  Sponsorships are for members, teams or communities looking to simply get a percentage off products in the store for their members.  Levels will be renamed and the code use requirements to get a free shirt lowered a bit.


Partnerships are our pride and joy and our most devoted communities.  Partnerships will move into paid subscriptions starting today.  Entering into a paid partnership gives you a unique discount code, custom store with banner, and monthly apparel to giveaway to your community.  For as low as a cost of a shirt, you will have the ability to have a store on Battle Buddy Apparel.

These updates coming today will ultimately help us better serve you and allow us to grow our abilities in the coming months.  We have alot of additions coming soon and supporting the #BattleBuddy family will continue to be our number one priority.

All current store owners will have the option to stay with their current relationship or move to a subscription based plan.  We will leave that choice up to you.  All those that have requested a partnership over a 5% sponsorship will have to opt into the paid partnership program to receive a store on Battle Buddy Apparel.

For those asking, we will have an option for a one time charge for your store to go up, but it will have limited abilities and stores not entering into the subscription program will only be open for 30 days from date of purchase.


Please ensure you have signed up on the site or used the Subscription form at the bottom of the site called "DISCOUNT" so you are updated when we go live with this new feature.  We have several other great features coming which will allow you to create your own custom apparel for purchase and a monthly custom T-Shirt subscription that will have a theme each month revolving around gaming, military and fitness.

Have questions, please post them below!  Thanks for your continued support.

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