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Battle Buddy Apparel is a veteran owned business focused on providing the best possible apparel to our customers. 

We are focused on supporting charities and non-profit organizations that support police officers, firefighters, military veterans and many others.  Some of the profit from select apparel items will be used to help these various organizations.  We will have routine charity events in which 10% up to 100% of our profit will go to a specified charity.   Our goal is to not only make this a profitable business but to give back to those that do so much for all of us on a daily basis.

Our business name is all about letting you know, we have your back.  Just like the professions/hobbies above, it takes two people to make you more successful.  Sure you can do it alone, but having a battle "buddy" always makes the experience more enjoyable.  Our Battle Buddy team is "you" as the customer and "us" as the business.  We are committed to providing the best products we can while ensuring you receive the best support we can offer if you need it. 


The Merchandise:  We have loads of great apparel in our inventory and you will see the store continue to expand over the coming years.  Best part, we want to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Have an idea for a shirt?  Contact Us and let us know.

Request Product for Company:  Do you need a special item created for a company or organization giveaway?  Do you need shirts created for an event you have coming up?  If so, send us an email and we may be able to help.  We have discounts on larger volume orders and can get custom work completed pretty quickly.  Learn more on our Custom Request page.

Partner With Us:  If you are a company or business that would like to have your products in our store then click here to start your partnership now.  We are always looking for personalities, companies and organizations that would like to get their designs in a dependable location like ours to provide to their communities.  We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas to help you grow your brand.

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