Designer Basic Info and Overview

Please note, these are just the basics, please check our full terms and conditions before submitting your design.

This is a quick overview of the designs that artist can submit and ultimately voted on by the Battle Buddy Community.  We use the votes to decide what designs we put up on  We will place the design on the site for 72 hours if your design has been voted as one the designs the community wants to see sold.

During this promotion we will pay you $2 for every shirt you created that is sold through PayPal.  You retain all rights to your artwork, before, during and after it is sold.  If we decide that we would like to use your design longer then the 72 hours, we will contact you and ask your permission to keep it on the store.

Designers that produce high quality images may also get an opportunity to have their own individual store located on Battle Buddy Apparel.  Designers with a store will receive an agreed upon commission on all products located inside their store.

Ensure before you submit a shirt you have downloaded the Battle Buddy Mock Up Kit with instructions on how to upload your designs.  Below are general requirements for all designs placed on apparel inside of the store:

T-Shirt Designs

10" width x 12" height -- Men:  XS, Women:  S /M / L

12" width x 16" height -- Men: S and larger, Women: XL and larger

Pullover Hoodie

11" width x 13" height -- S / M / L

12" width x 14" height -- XL and larger


12" width x 18" height

18" width x 24" height


11oz Mug -- 9" width x 3.5" height

15oz Mug -- 9" width x 3.8" height


6 Panel front -- 4"width x 1.75" height


12" Beanie Knit -- 5" width x 1.75" height


10" width x 12" height

Mockups must be less than 800kb or they will not upload! Mockup Size must be the exact sizes shown above. All uploads must be in PNG format ONLY.  You must show your design on a product so use the templates to complete this. Your design must fit within the box on the mockup, that’s the maximum print size. All submitted artwork must be your creation/design. NO Copyrighted or plagiarized designs allowed.  If any design is found in violation, your work will get removed and you will no longer be able to take part in this process.

In general you are allowed to design a shirt as you see fit.  Ensure your designs are not explicit or inappropriate.  If we reject your design we will tell you why. Your design must be of a reasonable level of design skill to be accepted, see the current designs as a guide.

Designs have to be approved before going live, this can take up to 48 hours so there will be a delay before you design appears on Battle Buddy or is rejected.

Be sure to use the share options on your product pages to share your design via Facebook/Twitter etc. Getting people to the site to view your artwork is your responsibility.  We will randomly promote products in the store, however your promotion will ensure your designs are purchased.

All designs are up for voting through Facebook and Google+ for 2 weeks from when they are approved. Designs that get enough votes will be approved for being viewed on Battle Buddy Apparel. Designs that do not get favorable votes will be removed from the store.

Tip: Don’t submit more than 5 designs at once, votes will be spread between them and no one design of yours will receive lots of votes. Be sure to spread them out by a few days when submitting designs.  This only helps you sell more of your designs through the community.

Have you read all of this and are not interested in designing products through Battle Buddy Apparel?  Contact us using the form below:



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